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SonoVet is a mobile ultrasound consultation service serving veterinarians in San Antonio, Austin & I-35 Corridor of the Hill Country of Texas. SonoVet is independently owned and operated and founded in June 2008.  SonoVet, Inc. and is not affiliated with any ultrasound company or other entity.  SonoVet provides diagnostic services to local veterinarians in their practices and does not offer exams to the general public.

Advanced clinical ultrasound has become a standard of care in veterinary medicine and can non-invasively produce results unequaled by any other diagnostic medium.  The results are immediate and the information gleaned can greatly enhance the relationship between the general practitioner and client because of the good results the practitioner creates by enhancing diagnostic efficiency on a wide variety of cases.

in-house diagnostic ultrasound





Full abdominal ultrasound exam of all abdominal organs performed on every case.



Indicated if there is hypercalcemia and elevated serum PTH.  Sedation generally required providing complete relaxation of the head.



Localize the cryptorchid testicle prior to surgery.  Can minimize surgical time and surgeon frustration.


Full Doppler echocardiograms performed on every case, including recheck exams.  All echos are read by one of two industry-leading cardiologists.  Systemic BP included with every echo.



Used to rule-out primary neoplasia of the eye or retrobulbar space, retrobulbar abscess, retinal detatchment, retrobulbar biopsy.



Pulmonary or mediastinal pathology, pleural effusion and drainage, biopsy collection for pathology.



This discounted exam intended for the clinically healthy patient to rule-out occult disease (abdominal neoplasia, cardiomyopathy in breeds at high risk, etc.)  Not intended for patients with abnormalities on blood work or clinical signs.


Fine-needle biopsies are submitted to Claudia Barton, DVM DACVIM (Oncology) and tru-cut biopsies can either be left for clinic submission or we can submit to Texas Veterinary Pathology in San Antonio.


Rule-in or out a portosystemic vascular anomaly.



Confirm pregnancy, estimate litter size, confirm fetal viability


Ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis, cavity centesis (intrabdominal abscess or cysts) 




  • Skilled Clinical Sonography Team consisting of 4 DVMs, 1 Radiologist, 1 Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (RDCS)

  • Full abdominal ultrasound exams on all cases, including rechecks

  • Discounted recheck pricing

  • Discounted multiple body cavity exams

  • Small parts exams including eyes, thyroids, parathyroids, cryptorchid, pregnancy exams

  • Internal radiologist consults available as needed on any exam at no additional expense

  • All echocardiograms are read by one of 4 cardiologists dedicated to reading for SonoVet, including therapy and dosing recommendations

  • ECG interpretations by cardiologist

  • Blood pressure on all echocardiograms

  • Exotic animal exam experience

  • Interventional procedures available (cavity centesis, pericardiocentesis, etc)

  • Biopsy collection - Fine-needle biopsies ready by Claudia Barton, tru-cut core biopsies read by Texas Veterinary Pathology or left for outside lab submission

  • Client-side online case submission system

  • Web-based reporting system with notifications and full study archiving of all images/clips for easy image/clip review and sharing with other specialists

  • Simple online billing system

  • Friendly office team to schedule appointments, handle billing questions, answer questions

  • Each sonographer travels with their own technician, lessening impact on clinic resources

  • Typically same-day ultrasound reports on abdominal ultrasounds (next day report in certain situations pending consultations with specialists).  Echo reports typically same-day, or at latest next morning.


our team


About Us

      SonoVet was founded by Dr. Marty Henderson after 5 years of full-time mobile ultrasound service experience in Los Angeles, CA.  SonoVet has now been serving the veterinarians of South-Central Texas since 2008 with in-house clinical sonography. Since its founding, our team has grown to include 4 DVM’s, 1 part-time radiologist, 1 RDCS and 1 RDMS human-trained sonographers. The SonoVet team has a collective case-log experience of over 70,000 cases. We approach every case as a team and draw upon our collective experience to efficiently enhance your diagnostic work-ups.

      SonoVet employs a powerful web-based reporting and referral system enabling us to provide rapid report turnaround with full image/video archiving & viewing within every case. This system has client-side login to start new cases, view all prior cases and case images, download reports as PDF or email directly from the site. Cases can be easily shared with any specialist, anywhere. Invoices are generated in YourViewDr for download and payments can be automated to ACH, credit card or received via your accounts payable dept. Integrated into the system are internal & external specialist referrals. Cardiology cases are read internally by one of 6 industry-leading university & private practice cardiologists. Cytology cases are submitted directly to Claudia Barton, DVM DACVIM (Oncology).


in touch

301 Main Plz, Ste 332​

New Braunfels, TX 78130

Tel:  800-792-5106

our mailing address


Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday, Major Holidays

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Please note, we only service veterinary hospitals and cannot respond to pet owner questions or quote pricing. If you're a pet owner, please request your veterinarian to call SonoVet and schedule us to come in to perform an ultrasound exam on your pet. They will quote you pricing.


We do not sell ultrasound equipment and will not respond to requests for parts. We are a private local practice only.

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